Get engaged! Find out how to recognize what engages you by identifying your own underlying motivations and needs, and recognize what stress behaviors exist when those needs are unmet. Engaged employees are motivated and passionate and feel connected to their employers, their co-workers, their subordinates, and their families.

Surveys (Gallup Poll and QuintCareers) show that up to 80% of employed individuals are unhappy. Unhappiness is a result of being overworked/underpaid, a deteriorating relationship with colleagues or management, or disappointment in oneself.

So, if you plan to sell your time and abilities, why not 'steal' complete advantage of and for yourself? It’s your effort! Being in control of your career including promoting yourself can dissolve dissatisfaction... melt discontent and frustration.

Solution: The Peter Weil Group, Workplace Behavior Consultants


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The Birkman Method

The power of knowing your own self puts you on the leading edge of the competitive job market. Your fit in a workplace and vice-versa trumps job-knowledge, experience, and education. How can we know what we want if we don’t know ourselves first? The fact is we cannot!

Through non-clinical assessment, TPWG plainly describes underlying expectations from all types of situations, circumstances, and people; i.e. your environment – workplace, social, recreational, and spiritual.

Then, you can whittle away stress caused by the overlooked, neglected, or ignored personal expectations. When we truly know ourselves, we are illuminated; we then know the path and strategy to adjust ourselves and not expect the world to adjust to us. We understand what actually we need and not just accept what the unknowing environment delivers.


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