Misplaced / Displaced People

Trapped in a job, in the wrong job, or layed-off!

Crisis and transition: just thinking about change, much less suddenly facing it, causes anxiety in maximal proportions. Emotions run the  gamut. Fear rules.

The Peter Weil Group replenishes clients with courage and confidence. Courage is not absence of fear, it is mastery of fear. They achieve full potential, capitalize on interests and passions, and achieve goals that exceed expectations. 

Through non-clinical, non-invasive, non-judgemental assessment, our clients accelerate personal performance, identify their alternatives, focus on their direction, advance their position, and optimize their prosperity. Over 45 reports: See .pdf Sample Career Management Report.

Through the job-search workshop, they acquire exacting job-search skills, procedures, and techniques; position themselves in the most opportune situations; package themselves into highly marketable products. Knowledge gleaned in these workshops frequently become our clients most valuable asset in unsure times.