Climbing an industry’s or an organization’s ladder, if you have placed the ladder against the right wall, can be a long and daunting exercise. What if you placed the ladder against the wrong wall?

Gallup poll indicates that slmost ¾’s of American workers say they feel not engaged in or, even worse, actively disengaged from their jobs.


 According to Gallup,

 “Actively disengaged employees erode an organization’s bottom line while breaking the spirits of colleagues in the process. Within the U.S. workforce, Gallup estimates this cost to be more than $300 billion in lost productivity alone.”

Organizations with an engagement ratio near 8:1 (eight engaged to 1 disengaged) have built a sustainable model. As organizations move toward this benchmark, they greatly reduce the negative impact of actively disengaged employees while unleashing the organization’s potential for rapid growth.

 Our PURPOSE: Using The Birkman Method®, a non-psychological and uninvasive assessment, executives and managers (at all levels) recognize their own underlying needs, motivations, and cope if not avoid the stress behaviors exhibited by unfulfilled needs. The Birkman Method® provides a wide range of applications for measuring human behavior and occupational strengths via a series of related report formats that facilitate team building, executive coaching, hiring, leadership development, career counseling, interpersonal conflict resolution, and other applications. More than 45 Reports Available: See .pdf Sample Career Management Report

Our RESULT: They engage! Connected employees, at all levels and in every discipline, are motivated, passionate, and connect with their employers, peers, and subordinates; they connect with their families. Happy workers are productive workers and that influences every bottom line…yours and theirs. That greatly increases productivity and retention; thus, decreasing the negative influences on the bottom line.