Business success is founded on vision, missions, and goals; plans that match the changing needs of societies, markets, and economies. Organizational cultures must continually change to meet new realities. Change or die.

The Birkman Method®, a non-clinical, non-invasive, non-judgemental assessment identifies the controlling culture and reality of an organization. Then, redesign aligns individuals with corporate productivity goals. Know and benefit using workers’ strengths, none of their weaknesses.

Few organizations deny that their greatest asset is their people. There is absolutely no way that a CEO or team leader can acquire knowledge of human potential and performance that equals the resources of managers equipped with The Birkman Method®, not without years of actual hands-on work experience with people who never change.

The Peter Weil Group

  • Builds powerful teams that perform with maximum effectiveness.
  • Selects for success – recruiting and hiring to fill positions right the first time.
  • Coaches and mentors to help individuals make productive changes.
  • Shapes successful careers that serve both the individual and the organization. 

Companies and Organizations
An organization’s competitive advantage today is a direct result of its ability to attract and retain the most qualified and productive employees. Identifying qualified candidates from 100’s of applicants and hiring them in the shortest possible time is essential.