Our Value: A proven approach! Beyond setting the proper strategy, we include helping to identify a good match between individual and occupation, helping to identify the right performance metrics that drive accountability, assisting the creation of a comprehensive communication strategy, and helping to design development opportunities.

Our Mission: To inspire and empower people — transitioning to or within the workforce, students and seasoned leaders, to:

  • Liberate Themselves with Poise and Confidence
  • Utilize Incomparable Assessment
  • Be Guided and Motivated by Talented, Accomplished Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, and Mentors
  • Master Cutting Edge Methods, Techniques, and Procedures.

Our Philosophy: The PeterWeil Group Assessments, Workshops and Seminars are accountable to provide candidates with successful strategies and improved performance standards. We become each client’s loudest personal advocates. That is, however, different from guaranteeing anyone a position in the workforce. Clients are accountable unto themselves for ensuring their positions in the workplace and job success. We do no job placement.

So, who is going to rescue you?
No one else on earth cares as much about what happens to you than you do.
No one else is willing to lavish as much
time on you as you will.
Who is going to have to go about the job-hunt? You are.
Who is in control of the job-search? You are. You may do it with support from others.
You may do it with coaching from us.
You may do it with GOD’s help.
But always, the one who will rescue you…
is YOU!

Contact: Peter Weil
(512) 219-6777