imageSave a train-load of money by making knowledgeable choices, thus saving extra semesters of tuition and housing. Take control of your professional destiny.

Be precise in selecting courses to study and explore; select your major/minor; select professors and instructors based on your own known communication/learning needs.

Assess your strengths, needs, and reactions to needs going unmet… that’s called STRESS! You can take charge of your entire life: your career, your social scene, your environment, your recreation, all your options. It’s a balancing act, but you will have the tools to seize full, confident control as you transition from school to the workplace.

Through non-clinical, non-invasive, non-judgemental assessment, you will accelerate and exhilarate your personal performance, identify your alternatives, focus on your direction, advance your position, and become more prosperous. Over 45 Reports…See .pdf Career Management Report.

Through job-search workshops, you will acquire professional and sophisticated “job-search” skills, techniques, scripts, and procedures.

Result: You become a competent candidate… not looking for jobs, but cultivating offers.

Students Headed for College or the Workforce
Current statistics indicate that the typical American worker changes jobs 15 times, five are in career fields. Effective job-search skills develop into your single most important asset.