What’s a Company’s Most Important Asset?

Winning occurs in efficient professional relationships...

 A company’s most important asset? Plant and equipment? Patents? Products? What about the organization’s people and their relationships?

When I was about 5 years old, I loved my grandparent’s flat brown wooden wagon with bright orange wooden wheels and a rope pull. In the wagon were fascinating arrays of wooden building blocks. How high could I stack them one on top the other before the tower crumbled?  I was unable to build a single block-on-block tower as tall as me – frustrating; but, if I built a foundation of three blocks, then three more, than two on two, then one on one my tower was taller than me.

I also learned when the one-on-one crumbled, all the blocks scattered across the floor; but, when my tower had the supporting relationships of other blocks and I barreled into it…much of the foundation remained intact.

In our careers, like my blocks – relationships are imperative in developing a successful career (structure). The Birkman Method® materially contributes to career infrastructure – developing professional relationships.

Successes in our careers and in the organizations in which we work largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and co-workers with whom we interact. In business today, we spend much of our time working with and through people to accomplish organizational objectives. Thus, people skills and professional relationships are the most critical “building blocks” we can develop.

 The alternative is intuition or “gut feeling.” Most people who rely on intuition are limited in their ability to predict and deal with human behavior with the level of skill and accuracy required in the modern workplace.

Secure your professional relationships...

 Human behavior and attempting to interpret it at work is constantly contradicting. Why? We see someone act a certain way and expect they will always act that way and

 Replacing Intuition in the workplace with The Birkman Method® minimizes trial and error guesswork. The Birkman Method® includes multi-dimensional integration of behavioral, motivational and occupational data. Scientifically developed, it enhances and predicts interpersonal and occupational success…individually and in teams. Without being an expert on all the intricacies of human behavior, The Birkman Method® provides the edge you need to improve your people skills and the skills of those with whom you work.

 Building our careers are identical to my tower of blocks no matter whether you’re starting out, at mid-life, or about to put the spire on your Chrysler Building. With this knowledge, you fulfill your underlying needs, manage stress, and work performance soars.

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