#1 Job-Search Technique in Eight

We all know that ‘word-of-mouth’ produces the majority of job offers; close to eight times more than the other seven techniques combined, but there are still holes in many  searchers’ word-of-mouth procedures.

Typically, the searcher develops a list of well-researched employers that meet ALL the candidates’ needs; i.e. compensation, commute, etc. Then, contacts friends and family, showing them the list, and asking, “Do you know anyone who might know someone in any of my target organizations?” That works great, but it does risk leaving holes.


Here’s how to plug the holes!!

For a five minute discussion, the candidate contacts one or more of the target’s customers, vendors (copier salesman), the company engineer who wrote a letter to the editor of a technical publication, the reporter who wrote a story about the company in a local newspaper, or who interviewed someone in the org on radio/TV. These people can help you navigate the organization by introducing you to a broad range of workers and managers in the company.

They can also give you some scoop not easily found at more formal levels. Additionally, these people are easy to track down and will talk to you…possibly multiple times. All you have to do for them is reciprocate or promise to.

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