*10,000 People…

 Network, The Noun: Your personal friends and family and their networks.

Network, The Verb: Finding fast whom you need to get what you want and helping others do the same.

Network, The Purpose: Find a job! To advance your job-search one linear step at a time.

Six Degrees of Separation? Not in job-search, landing a prized position frequently happens in two degrees of separation (your friends and family and their networks).

Network, The Arithmetic: Studies show that we each average about 250 friends and family. Oh, so you’re not so friendly, O.K., you average 100 friends and family x 100 (their friends and family) = *10,000 people likely concerned about helping you land a great job.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Networking is the #1 Job-Search Technique

10. Your network (100 friends & family) replaces your main weakness (where to get a job) with the power and strength of more than *10,000 people.

  9.  Job Secuity of the past no longer exists. You cannot rely on loyalty to an organization, but you can always rely on your network. That’s real job-security.

  8. Your network contacts have much to gain for their own career development.

  7. Job seekers are always a source to network contacts of competitive information about current street-information.

  6. Gossip, the entertainment value of relationship builiding in job-search.

  5. Many people like helping for the sake of helping. For us, helping is it’s own reward.

  4. People who have landed a recent positions are the most willing networking targets. They’re eager to discuss what it did for them.

3¾. Always! Implicit in the networking interaction is reciprocaton, returning favors.

3½. The world’s best résumé and cover letter can’t sell you like you can sell yourself eyeball-to-eyeball.

3¼. There’s a chance that there might be work available in your network contacts’ organization or they know of an opening somewhere.

3. Networking is the only time in job-search that there’s no competition.

2¾. Everyone’s networking. Smart people are always planning their next move.

2½. Ego! People love to be asked for advice. It’s flattering.

2¼. Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry. People hire people they like.

#1.  For employers, network hiring is a financial windfall, i.e no fees/costs.

#1.  For candidates, be in the hiring manager’s mind before a position opens; lest you get in line with hundreds after it opens? Which will be you? Many hiring managers report that they know who they want before a vacancy is posted!

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