2012 Tips for EVERYONE Contemplating a Job-Search — Part II

PUT YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION:  How YOU will respond to an important hiring manager who tells you, “I don’t care what your last employer told you to do…if you kept  your job, I know you did that much. I want to know what you did for your previous employers that were standout, made things better for their company, department, customers, and co-workers?”

Well, hello!! That is exactly what they think when they get a résumé based on your job-description.

As a job-searcher, your “RESPONSIBILITY” is communication: writing (résumé) and talking (interview) that demonstrates how you made things better in your previous assignments. That creates images in essential minds of how you will perform in the future.

You can promise that you will do such-and-such, but the only reliable way for the hiring manager to know how you will perform in the future is for you to create images of how you performed in the past. Promises are phooey; accomplishments are real.

"Show'm the sign..."

Your résumé and interview strategy based on ACCOMPLISHMENTS gets you labeled a professional in your occupation.

You have hundreds of accomplishments throughout your life (all students included) that demonstrate your performance. Many, if not most, are not on a job. Identifying those accomplishments are the hard part.

Email me and ask for a list of thought-provokers that will help you identify your accomplishments.   peter@peterweil.com

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