Are You An Expense? Or, An Investment?

Employers are in business to produce $$dinero$$. As YOU navigate the web-of-work, your efforts should be directed to the company’s sensitivity…its bottom line and how you can influence it. Are you an expense, or an investment? 

Unfortunately, many employers don’t comprehend how their employee’s individual and collective actions impact their bottom line on a daily basis. Department heads probably do little analysis on the profit contribution of each person they employ. Some have said, “It’s like herding cats.” Worse still, many employees themselves have no concept of the money their actions and reactions cost the company. People in sales have an idea, but among everyone else, many have said, “I wish I’d known….”

As you transition through your work career, package yourself and script both your interviews and daily interactions to let  employers know how YOU can and will impact their bottom lines and don’t exaggerate and don’t make them guess at it…many interviewers and hiring managers are not very good at that!

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